Cedar Crest Drive Update (May)

2017-05-15 00:00:00

1. Roofing membrane is 100% complete. We are waiting for the final coat of paint before we install gutters and downspouts. 2. The painting is in progress. Priming is approximately 80% complete on the exterior of the building. 3. The stone has been put down in approximately 65% of the paved areas. 4. The curb and gutter is 100% complete. 5. The Mechanical for the shell building is 100% complete. 6. The electrical for the shell building is complete with the exception of light fixture installation. 7. Dock levelers are 100% complete. 8. Dock doors are 50% complete. The North side of the building is complete and the South Side of the building is in progress. 9. Metal framing on the Truckers’ Lounges are beginning this week.